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1、 填写《外国企业代表机构设立申请表》;
2、 撰写《广州办事处设立申请书》,须有董事长签名及公司盖章;(正本二份,复印件二份)
3、 撰写《常驻代表委任书》,须有董事长签名及公司盖章;(正本二份,复印件二份)
4、 提供公司注册地开户银行出具的资本信用证明书正本一份;
5、 提供公司注册地工商登记部门出具的公司成立证明和工商登记证复印件各四份;
6、 提供广州办事处驻在地点的租赁合约复印件四份;
7、 提供曾与国内有关企业进行业务往来合同或协议复印件二份;
8、 在《广州市工商行政管理局登记申请表》首页加盖公司章;

Application Documents for Setting up a Residence Representative Office in Guangzhou

When a trading, manufacturing company from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or a foreign country wants to set up a resident representative office in Guangzhou, it should submit the following documents to Guangzhou Consultants for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade:

l . application forms from the relevant local government departments

2. a application letter signed by the chairman of the board or the general manager of the enterprise, which shall include its brief introduction, the name, the responsible personnel, the location and the business scope of the representative office (2 originals, 2 copies)

3. a legal business license issued by the relevant authorities of the country or region where the enterprise is governed (4 certified copies)

4. a power of attorney for the personnel appointed by the enterprise to the representative office and their resumes and photocopies of their passports or I.D. card, 5 photos (2 originals, 2 copies)

5. business contracts certifying the business dealings between the enterprise and the relevant Chinese enterprises ( agreements, sales contracts, etc)

6. rental agreement with a hotel or business building which has the right to accommodate foreigners (rental term should be at least I year, 4 copies)

7. a credit certificate issued by a bank that has business dealings with the enterprise including the date when the account is opened, registered capital, balance, credit line, general statement, etc.)

8. other necessary documents which are required by the government