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Hong Kong Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme

Hong Kong Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme

Hong Kong Government has established the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund which include the Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme. Eligible license holders of the premises in operation can apply for a grant of one-off subsidy including general restaurants, light refreshment restaurants, marine restaurants and factory canteens.

1. Eligibility

An applicant is required to fulfil the following criteria:

the applicant holds on 29 February 2020 a valid food business licence (full or provisional licence) of any one of the four categories listed in item (3) of Part II of the Application Form for Anti-epidemic Fund ?Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme (the Application Form) issued by the FEHD;

(2) the related food business licence is valid and the food business is in operation on the date of submission of the application and on the date of approval of the application;

(3) no application for transfer, voluntary surrender or cancellation of food business licence in respect of the licensed food premises is under processing in the period from the date of submission of the application to the date of approval of the application; and

(4) the food business licence (full or provisional licence) must be valid throughout the whole period from the date of approval of this application till the end of October 2020.  If the licence expires before the end of October 2020, FEHD may consider recovering from the applicant any approved subsidy released and all related expenses incurred.

In the case of a transfer of license or provisional licence holder may still apply for the subsidy under exceptional arrangement.

Amount of Subsidy

Subsidy will be released and be disbursed in 2 tranches on equal primarily in support of payment of employees?salaries during six-month period. The amount of subsidy is calculated based on the size of floor area specified in the licence.


Floor Area of Licensed Premises

(as specified on the licence)

Amount of subsidy (HKD)


Not exceeding 100m2



>100m2 - 200m2



>200m2 - 400m2



>400m2 - 700m2





Materials Required for Application

You need to provide the following documents and information for the application;
(1)  Copy of Business Registration Certification;
(2)  Copy of Food Business Licence;
(3)  Copy of Applicant’s HKID Card;
(4)  Certificate on Total Salaries of Staff and Total Number of Staff in March 2020 which signed by Practising CPA (“CPA Certificate? (can be issued by Kaizen);
(5)  CPA Certificate follows each month before 22nd day in the period from May to October 2020 (can be issued by Kaizen).

Additional information to be provided for issuing the CPA Certificate:
(1)  MPF contribution records;
(2)  Payroll or salaries distribution record such as bank advice. If the salaries were paid by cash, confirmation letters signed by each employee are requested;
(3)  Copies of HKID card of each employee.

4. Application Deadline

The application for subsidy for March 2020 should be submitted after 9 am on 5 May 2020 and before 5 pm on 5 June 2020.

CPA Certification Service and Fee

Our fee for conducting the verification, preparation and issue of CPA certification for March and May to October 2020, all together 7 reports are listed in the table below:


Description (Number of Employees)

Fee (HKD)


No more than 3



No more than 6



No more than 9



No more than 12



No more than 15



No more than 18



More than 18


(1) Kaizen’s existing clients are eligible to a discount of 40% off the fee quoted above;
(2) Courier charge and other out-of-pocket expenses are excluded.

6. Subsidy Application Service and Fees

In addition to the CPA certification service stated in Section 5 above, we can also handle the application for and on your behalf. Our fees for handling the application of Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme is HKD4,000 for all 7 months. Existing clients are eligible for a discount of 40%. Our services include:

(1)  Advices regarding the application;
(2)  Assist to fill and submit the application;
(3)  Filing of the application documents with the Government Department.

7. Time of Billing and Payment Methods

We currently accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through PayPal only. If payment is settled through PayPal, extra 5% services fee will be charged. Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice to you for your settlement. Because of the nature of services, we require full payment in advance. Also, once service is commenced, no service fee will be refunded except special cases.

Download: Hong Kong Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme 【PDF】

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