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Declaration on fake advertisements and fake recruitments by Kaizen Group


It has come to our attention that a company named "啓源商務諮詢有限公司" and/or identical name or some organizations or individuals posted the job advertisements or have falsely impersonated Kaizen Group (hereinafter referred as "Kaizen" to conduct fake advertisements and fake recruitments on the website ( named "indeed" for the position of Financial Manager and Administrative Assistant. Such misunderstanding, misleading or illegal activities seriously damage our honor, benefits and rights of the social public and may lead to violation of laws. Kaizen would like to clarify that we hold no connection with such recruitment activities at "indeed"

In this context, Kaizen makes the following statements:

  1. Kaizenís official contacts are available on our official website at, including but not limited to Telephone, Email, WeChat, Line, WhatsApp and Skype, etc. If you need our services, please contact us through the contacts listed on our official website.

  2. We are very concerned about this issue, and we have requested "indeed" to thoroughly investigate or delete any fake recruitments. Kaizen will report to the relevant authorities and any suspicious or unlawful activities undertaken by any person or organization falsely, impersonating Kaizen or its subsidiaries or branches, reserves the right to take legal actions against fraudsters.

Declaration: Kaizen reminds the public to stay vigilant and not to rely on any fraudulent information to avoid financial losses. Any people who suspect unlawful activities by fraudsters or organizations falsely impersonating Kaizen should immediately report the matter to relevant authorities and the police, and people who have already fallen victims to fraud or suffered losses should immediately report to the police to protect their rights and interests. Should you have any queries, please feel free to consult Kaizen. The above-mentioned deceptive practice and other illegal activities conducted by fraudsters impersonating Kaizen and its subsidiaries, branches and employees are not connected to Kaizen. Kaizen bears no responsibility and liability for any losses suffered by the social public arising from such activities.
Kaizen Group
September 13, 2022

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