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Singapore Company Incorporation Package #SGLLC02 - Company Incorporation plus Company Secretary plus Registered Office plus Nominee Director

Singapore Company Incorporation Package #SGLLC02
Incorporation plus Company Secretary plus Registered Office
plus Nominee Director

Singapore Company Incorporation Package with Nominee Director for Foreign Entrepreneurs - who do not need to reside in Singapore.

1. Singapore Company Registration Package #SGLLC02 - Services and Fees
(1) Singapore Company Incorporation - Pre- & Post-Incorporation
  (a) Name check and reservation
  (b) Preparation of memorandum & articles of the company and other incorporation documents
  (c) Preparation of registration forms
  (d) Professional & Filing Fees
  (e) E-Certificate of incorporation
  (f) Preparation of compliance corporate kit, including corporate seal, share certificates, register and minutes book
  (g) Minutes of first board meeting
  (h) Resolution to open a bank account

(2) Corporate Secretarial Service
  Singapore Companies Act requires all Singapore Companies to appoint a Company Secretary to handle on-going statutory compliance matters. Kaizen can act as the named Company Secretary for your Company to comply with ACRA requirements.
  (a) ACRA Compliance Alert & Reminders
  (b) Named Company Secretary registered with ACRA for 12 months
  (c) Preparation of board minutes or written resolutions

(3) Registered Office

Kaizen will provide a Singapore local street address to be used as the registered office for your Singaporean company for one year.

Whenever mails arrive, Kaizen provides notification via email and information of sender of the mails will be provided. For every batch of mails forwarded, Kaizen will charge a handling fee of SGD10 plus postage.

(4) Nominee Director

A Private Limited Company requires a minimum of one individual Director who has to be ordinarily resident in Singapore. Kaizen will provide a Singapore local resident to act as your nominee Director for your Singaporean company to satisfy the Companies Act requirement.

It is noted that the nominee director service is provided to meet the registration and maintenance requirements and the nominee director so provided will not be in any way involved in the daily operation and management of your Singaporean company.

Total Package Price (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) = USD3,500

Important Note: While acting as Nominee Director, Kaizen will collect a refundable security deposit of USD2,500. The deposit will be full refunded at the time when we cease to provide the nominee service. Your company also provides a suitable indemnity, to protect our nominee Director(s).

2. Time of Billing and Payment Methods

Upon receipt of your order, we will issue and send an invoice together with the transfer instructions to you for your settlement. We require full payment in advance.

We currently only accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through Paypal. Please click here for payment methods. An extra handling fee of 5% will be charged if paid by Paypal.

3. Singapore Company Incorporation Procedure
When you engage Kaizen to incorporate a Singapore company, please follow the procedures described below.

(1) Client places an order for incorporation with Kaizen and provide the documents and information listed in Section 6 to Kaizen by email or fax or post.
(2) Kaizen performs a name availability search with ACRA and reserve the name if it is available. Client is advised to provide at least two proposed names in priority of preference in case that the most preferred one is gone and it could be replaced by the second preference.
(3) After the name is reserved, Kaizen then prepares incorporation documents and then arranges to have the documents signed by the directors and shareholders.
(4) Kaizen then files duly signed incorporation documents with ACRA for registration.
(5) Within the same date of filing or the second day, Kaizen collects the Certificate of Incorporation from ACRA.
(6) Kaizen now proceeds to place an order for manufacturing of company seal and chop and printing of Memorandum and Articles of Association (the whole set of documents together is known as company kit).

Kaizen arranges to deliver to you the Company Kit. The whole registration process is then completed.

4. Time Frame to Incorporate
  The whole process for application for the registration of a company in Singapore takes anywhere from 1 to 7 working days. The table below gives a detailed schedule of the time frame:

Step Description Time
1 Kaizen receives the duly signed original incorporation documents from client Day 1
2 Kaizen delivers the duly signed Memorandum and Articles of Association to Companies Registry to apply for Certificate of Incorporation Day 2
3 Companies Registry issues the Certificate of Incorporation Day 3
4 Kaizen arranges carving of common seal and company chop and printing of Memorandum and Articles of Association Day 4
5 Registration completed and company kit delivered to client. Day 5

5. Materials Required for Incorporation of Singapore Company
  Client needs to provide the following documents and information to Kaizen by email or fax or post for purpose of incorporation:

(1) Proposed company name in English only;
(2) One photocopy of passport (or identity card or Entrepass or EP for Singapore resident) and residential addresses proof (such as utility bill or telephone bill) in respect of each shareholder; if shareholder is another corporation, please provide Certificate of Incorporation and registered office;
(3) One photocopy of passport (or identity card or Entrepass or EP for Singapore resident) and residential addresses proof (such as utility bill or telephone bill) in respect of each director;
(4) A professional reference letter or bankerís reference of the individual for whom we are to act as nominee director;
(5) Amount of share capital, percentage of shareholdings if more than one shareholder. Unless otherwise advised, the amount of issued capital will be SGD1.00 (one share) if there is only one shareholder;
(6) Basic background information of the new company, such as the principal business activities, the products to be traded or services to be provided, the location of suppliers and customers, the expected turnover of the first year etc.

6. Registration Documents Returned to Client after Registration
(1) Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
(2) 3 printed copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association (sample Memorandum and Articles of Association);
(3) 10 copies of blank share certificate;
(4) One statutory book (members register, directors register and share register);
(5) One company chop and one Common Seal;
(6) Duplicate copy of documents filed with ACRA in relation to the appointment of directors, secretary, location of registered office and one duly completed share certificate for each of the shareholders.

7. Important Notes
  (1) All fees noted are exclusive of delivery fees. Delivery fees will be advised upon confirmation of delivery address.
  (2) Our nominee services, including director, shareholder and company secretary, are renewed every year. Kaizen will send an invoice for the renewal to client for settlement. If Kaizen does not receive the payment for renewal 10 days before the renewal day, Kaizen can use the refundable deposit to apply to deregister the company.

Kaizenís Services:

  • Hong Kong company registration, book-keeping, auditing and tax filings
  • China company registration, book-keeping and tax filings
  • Singapore company registration, book-keeping and tax filings
  • Corporate and individual income tax planning
  • Offshore company registration and maintenance
  • Trademark registration

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