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Taiwan Investment Immigrants Package (Applicable to Hong Kong or Macau permanent residents) Procedures and Fees

Taiwan Investment Immigrants Package
(Applicable to Hong Kong or Macau permanent residents)
Procedures and Fees

This package is suitable for Hong Kong and Macau residents, or those with permanent residency in Hong Kong and Macau to apply for investment immigration. It does not applicable to the foreigners or Mainland Chinese.

Unless otherwise stated, the Taiwan company stated in this quotation referred to a limited liability company formed and incorporated in Taiwan under the Taiwan Company Act.


Our fees for the Investment Immigrants in Taiwan are TWD 160,000. The fees quoted cover our professional service fee, government official registration fee, one-year local agent service, opening a corporate bank account and applying for the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). This package does not include the registered address service, notarization service for the POA and the provision of Taiwanese guarantor services. Kaizen could provide the aforementioned services and the fees will be quoted upon request.

For the purpose of Company Registration and Investment Immigrants, the client needs to provide a proposed company name, the registered capital and the identification documents of the shareholders and directors, such as passport and address proof, such as utility bill or telephone bill.

If the shareholder is an individual and comes to Taiwan in person to handle the notarization of the POA, the registration process could be completed in around 1 month. To apply for the Alien Resident Certificate, it will take another 1 month, so the whole process will take around 2 months.

If the business to be carried out by the Taiwan Company in Taiwan requires extra license or permit, we can help apply for such license or permit and our fees will be quoted upon request.  

Taiwan Investment Immigrants Package

Services and Fees

Our service fees for the Taiwan Investment Immigrants Package, including the registration of a Taiwan Limited Company with the capital of TWD 6 million and the application of an Alien Resident Certificate are TWD 160,000. Our fees included the service fee and the official registration fees. The breakdown is shown below:

Registration and Related Services

(a)    Providing consultant service about investment immigrants.
(b)    Providing suggestion about business scope.
(c)    Preliminary check of intended company name.
(d)    Preparation of Taiwan limited company registration documents.
(e)    Preparation of company registration application form and documents.

(2) Approval from MOEAIC

Apply for investment immigrants and foreign investment from the Taiwan Investment Commission.

(3) Capital Verification Report

shareholder remits capital, the company should hire a certified public accountant for capital verification. Kaizen would arrange a CPA in Taiwan to engage for capital verifica

(4) Bank Account Opening

In the process of registering a Taiwan Company, the Taiwan Company needs to work the bank account in two phases. Firstly, by setting up a preparatory account, so that the capital contribution could be remitted by the shareholder. After receiving the approval letter from the Taiwan government, the shareholder could change the preparatory account into a formal account.

According to the policy of the bank, the director of the Taiwan Company will need to present in person to meet the bank for identity certification and conduct due diligence requirements. Kaizen role is limited to provide assistance, including preparing bank account opening documents and making appointments with the bank. The bank has the right to decide whether to approve the client’s account opening application, and whether the account opening is successful or not, Kaizen does not assume any responsibility. If the company registration cannot be carried out due to the failure of the bank account opening, Kaizen will refund half of the service fee, which is TWD 80,000.

(5) Import and Export Card

If you intend to conduct import and/or export business in Taiwan, you are required to apply for Import and Export Card with Ministry of Economic Affairs. Kaizen will handle the application for Import and Export Card immediately after the company is duly registered.

(6) Local Agent Service

The establishment of a Taiwan Limited Company should have a local agent with the Taiwan identity card or owned an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) to handle the registration and the registration change matter. This package included a one-year local agent service provided by Kaizen.

(7) Application for Tax Code

Application for certificate of tax registration for profit-seeking enterprise with the National Taxation Bureau. The certificate of tax registration is a tax ID issued by the authority. According to the types of industries, there are tax registration certificate and local tax registration.

(8) Application of Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

After the company is official registered, applicant shall provide the documents to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate. Kaizen could assist to apply for the ARC, the ARC issue is the general resident certificate. Client could only apply for the Taiwan ID Card after fulfilling the requirements for the permanent residency for naturalization.

Optional Services

Registered Address Service

A Taiwan company is required to have a physical address in Taiwan as its business address. Kaizen could provide registered address service for the purpose of registration of your Taiwan company. Our registered address service is TWD54,000 per year.

(2) Notarization of Power of Attorney

As required by the prevailing regulations, when applying to register a company in Taiwan, the Hong Kong resident must entrust a local agent to handling the registration and the power of attorney should be notarized/attested by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. This package does not include the notarization service. Kaizen could provide the notarization service and our fees will be quoted upon request.

(3) Translation Fee

Our fees quoted do not include translation fee. The official language of Taiwan is Chinese, therefore, all the documents provided must be in Chinese. For any documents requires to translate in foreign language, Kaizen could provide the translation service and our fees will be quoted upon review of the documents to be translated.

(4) Taiwanese guarantor services

The Taiwanese guarantor should have a citizenship in Taiwan and a decent occupation. This package does not include this service. Kaizen could provide the Taiwanese guarantors service, and the fees will quote upon request.

Time of Billing and Payment Methods

We require full payment in advance. We currently only accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through PayPal. If pay by PayPal, an additional handling charge of 5% of our service fee will be charged. Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice and send our bank information together to you through email for your settlement.

If Taiwan uniform invoice is required, an additional 5% of Business Tax will be charged and collected.

4. Estimated Time Frame

The whole process for the registration of Taiwan Company and the application of ARC would take about 6-8 weeks. The table below shows the estimated time frame for each of the steps for the registration process.



Responsible Party

Working Days



Lease Agreement (For company registration)

Kaizen/ Client

1 days


Notarization of company document


5 days

Application for Registration


Perform proposed company name approval


2 days


Application for pre-registration approval


6 days


Engrave a stamp


2 days


Opening bank account ?Preparatory account

Kaizen/ Client

1 days


Handling the capital verification report


5 days


Submit the company registration document


6 days


Submit the taxation registration document


5 days


Handle the uniform invoice certificate


6 days


Opening bank account - Normal Account

Based on the reviewing time of bank

Kaizen/ Client

5-10 days


Handle import and export business registration


1 days


Prepares the documents for the application of ARC


Client’s Schedule


Apply for ARC


16-18 days


Receiving the ARC


2 days


4-6 weeks

The estimated time is based on high cooperation between Kaizen and the client.
(2) The estimated time is based on the company does not require any special license.
(3) The estimated time does not include the bank account opening time.

Required Documents and Materials for the Registration of Taiwan Company

The following documents and materials need to prepare by client:

Taiwan Company Intended Name

Please provide two to three proposed company names in Chinese. Client is required to provide one English company name to open the company bank account, which is for client to remit the capital from overseas.

(2) Notarization of the Power of Attorney

A copy of power of attorney authorizing Kaizen to handle the registration. The power of attorney must be notarized by a Notary Public in Taiwan or a recognized attesting office in the country where the shareholder of the Taiwan company is resided. It is valid for one year.

(3) Identification Documents of the Director

The identification documents and the address proof of the director of the Taiwan company.

(4) Lease Agreement, Consent of Use and the Latest Housing Tax Bill

The lease agreement of the Taiwan company, a copy of house tax bill and the consent of use issued by the landlord.

(5) Registered Capital

There is no limit on the capital registered, but the capital set shall fulfill the operating expense of the company. However, for the investment immigrants, the capital registered should be TWD 6 million and above.

(6) Business Scope

A brief description of the principal business activities of the Taiwan Company, including the products to be imported/exported/traded or services to be provided.

(7) Identification Documents of Shareholder

A copy of the shareholder identification documents shall be provided, such as the passport copy and the local identity card. For the shareholder that born in Mainland China, shall provide the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents and the original copies of the Certificate of Cancellation of the Household Registration which issued by the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China and verified by the Mainland Notary Office.

Required Documents and Materials for the Application of Alien Resident Certificate

Original copies and a photocopy of the Passport of the Hong Kong / Macau Resident.

(2) Original copies and a photocopy of the ID Card of the Hong Kong / Macau Resident.

(3) Entry / Exit Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Resident.

(4) Personal Resume about educational background and working experience.

(5) The financial proof documents (Proof that the asset exceeds TWD 6 million, such as bank statement).

(6) The Police Criminal Record Certificate within the last five years, it is valid for three months.

(7) The original copies of the Health Certificate. If the health certificate is provided by the hospital out of the territory of Taiwan, it shall be verified by the Taiwan Embassy in the country, it is valid for three months.

(8) An original copy of the letter of guaranty signed by the Taiwanese Guarantor.

(9) The Taiwan ID Card of the Taiwanese Guarantor.

(10) An original copy and a photocopy of the Employment Certificate of the Taiwanese Guarantor.

(11) Acknowledge of Identity of Hong Kong / Macau Resident.

(12) 3 pieces of the 2-inch photographs within 6 months.

Certificates and Documents to be returned to Client

After the procedure completed, we will return the following documents to the client:

(1) The articles of incorporation.

(2) Approval letter issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

(3) Business registration form.

(4) Approval letter issued by the Taxation Bureau of Taiwan.

(5) The stamp of the company and the stamp of the person in charge.

(6) Uniform tax invoice certificate and business IC card.

(7) Import and export registration.

(8) Original copies of the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).

Conditions for acquiring the Taiwan Nationality

The applicant shall apply the ARC in Taiwan, the company registered shall operate for at least 3 years, the Taiwan Company shall have at least two Taiwanese employees each year and completed the audit of annual financial statement each year. When the applicant fulfills the previously mentioned conditions, and their residence days fulfill the following stated, they could apply the permanent residency for naturalization.

Consecutively residence for 1 year: Residence in Taiwan consecutively for a year and shall not leave Taiwan for more than 30 days.

(2) Consecutively residence for 2 years: Residence in Taiwan consecutively for 2 years and residence in Taiwan for more than 270 days for each year.

After obtaining the permanent residency for naturalization, applicant could go through the household registration office for household registration within 30 days, and they could apply for the Taiwan ID Card.

Kaizen could only provide services for applying the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), the applicant could only apply the following steps as they fulfill the requirements. Kaizen could provide free consulting services for client.

Annual Maintenance Fee

After a company is officially registered in Taiwan, it is required to comply with the maintenance requirements such as preparation and filing of an annual business report, updating books of accounts, auditing of financial statements, filing of business tax bimonthly and filing of profit-seeking enterprise income tax returns. The fees below show the annual maintenance costs for the Taiwan limited company.



Amount (TWD)


Preparation of business report (Annually)



Declaration of person in charge and shareholder (Annually)



Updating books of accounts (assuming annual turnover of TWD10 million)



Financial statements statutory audit (assuming a turnover of TWD30 million)



Tax computation and filing of profits tax return



Basic Payroll Service (per person)



Provision of Registered Office (second year and thereafter)




If you wish to obtain more information or assistance, please visit the official website of Kaizen CPA Limited at www.kaizencpa.com or contact us through the following and talk to our professionals:
Email: info@kaizencpa.com,  enquiries@kaizencpa.com
Tel: +852 2341 1444
Mobile : +852 5616 4140, +86 152 1943 4614
WhatsApp/ Line/ Wechat: +852 5616 4140
Skype: kaizencpa

Download:Taiwan Investment Immigrants Package (Applicable to Hong Kong or Macau permanent residents) Procedures and Fees 【PDF】

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